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Empowering Crypto in Africa

Africeum Overview

The goal of Africeum is to create an NFT marketplace where African artists of all nations can freely and easily mint and sell their artwork using the Africeum Token. Africeum will introduce cryptocurrency on a larger scale, making it easier for everyday people to monetize their work and have global reach. Africa is the heart of art and It is time Africa's artists got their recognition.


What is Africeum?

The Africeum token connects the physical and digital world. Our rapidly evolving ecosystem aims to empower artists and investors alike using blockchain and NFT's. The Africeum Token is the lifeblood of this ambitious, interconnected, and profitable future.

Why Africeum?

Making cryptocurrency more mainstream starts with educating people on the core concepts, as well as making it easily accessible to trade. We break down the concepts of trust and decentralized finance; in other words, no one man or woman dictates the value of commodities, goods or services. Our token provides easy to use, localized educational materials on cryptocurrency and NFT's so that people of all age groups can have access to this information.

As part of our social commitment, we will donate a percentage of all transactions to causes such as wildlife conservation, education, job acquisition and accessible clean water projects.


Exclusive Owner Benefits

Africeum plans to continue to grow in its utility and adoption. The AFC Token will be the standard token used to pay for all transactions including sales, purchases and fees. This utility will continue to evolve as we integrate staking and burning as organic deflationary methods.

As an added incentive, AFC owners may receive periodic promotions to earn rewards such as preferential access to new products/services, and opportunities, increasing its utility in the process.

Africeum Uses

In addition to token ownership, Africeum has multiple use cases to enable trusted and transparent interactions.

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