Cryptocurrency to Mainstream Africa

Africeum looks to introduce NFT, Crypto, and Blockchain technology to mainstream Africa by building a scalable NFT marketplace that will host the largest collection of African NFT art. We seek to empower the African artist to continue to create beautiful artwork and be compensated for it.


Easy, Fast, Secure

The Africeum Token is the at heart of the Africeum ecosystem. All transactions including purchases and sales of NFT artwork will be made using the Africeum Token. This creates unparalleled utility of the Africeum Token while simultaenously baking in deflationary methods.

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The push for Crytocurrency in Africa

Africa as the Next Cryptocurrency frontier

The world's money and economic powerhouses, as well as market researchers say Africa is taking, and should take, over the cryptocurrency market.

A Pioneer for Blockchain Adoption In Africa

The Africeum project will pave way for cryptocurrency adoption in mainstream Africa. This creates vast opportunity for blockchain projects in Africa, and aides in curbing corruption, creating valid identification, verifying authenticity of documents and transcripts, as well as aiding in safe political events such as election of state and government officials.


Africeum is built on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC) and is fully decentralized.

P2P, P2B Ready

Africeum is easy to buy, sell, earn, and invest.

Ultra Fast

Each Africeum transaction on the Binance network is practically instantaneous and it costs a fraction of the costs of other networks.

Secure & Tested

Africeum boasts one of the best cryptographic security systems in the blockchain space.

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Our Team

George Boateng


Experienced AWS Cloud Architect with expertise in Infrastructure and Devops.

Kwadwo Oduro Brobbey


Chief Operations Officer with a track record of managing large complex organizations and systems .

Fred Ayison


Senior Software Engineer with expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

John Kwarteng


AWS Cloud Engineer with expertise in Linux and DEVOPS pipelines.

Nathaniel Torres

Corporate Finance Attorney

Senior attorney with background in Corporate Finance, Compliance and Advisory.

Hernan Ortiz


Attorney with experience serving on advisory boards of major Crypto Startups and various NFT projects.

Emmanuel Boateng

Marketing Specialist

Senior Marketer with background in developing comprehensive marketing campaigns to increase revenue growth year over year.

Laurina Hedd-Williams

Brand Building

Proven track record of targeting and acquiring major brand influencers in multiple marketing initiatives.

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